Branch Manager (Fully Bilingual)

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Terre-Neuve et Labrador, Labrador City
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Boréal Grues

BOREAL CRANES INC. offers turnkey services for project management for any type of lifting venture. It specializes in industrial domain lifting projects in Newfoundland and Labrador from its Wabush offices.


Boreal Cranes is a part of Groupe Desgagnés Inc. (“GDI”) is a Québec conglomerate renowned for the quality of its maritime and land operations. It is headquartered in Quebec City, and its business units are present in major Canadian ports, on the Middle and Lower North Shore, and in the Canadian Arctic. Desgagnés stands apart for its range of diverse yet complementary national and international activities. Around its headquarters, the business units operate successfully in their respective fields. Each, in all their diversity, must coordinate the overall strategy as defined by the Company’s Management and according to their own business objectives. In addition to promoting a sense of responsibility and the pursuit of excellence, this decentralization policy generates a productive and profitable synergy.

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Job description

The Branch Manager of Boreal Cranes Inc. (“Boreal”, the “Company” or “BCI”) reports to Tessier Limited’s General Manager. He acts as Company representative within the scope of the activities under his supervision. He is responsible for the planning, organization, supervision and control of the operations as well as the execution of field work for all of the service categories in which Boreal operates — rental and operation of cranes and heavy machinery, as well as ground transportation and other related activities. The Branch Manager is also the immediate supervisor for all worksite employees assigned to the various operations. In addition, he provides the necessary support to clients, with the objective of developing and maintaining excellence in service and business-client relationship, offering them unparalleled service allowing the Company to maintain its reputation as a leader in his market. Finally, he provides administrative, financial, human resources and occupational health and safety management for all of BCI’s activities.


As Branch Manager, he organizes, plans, leads, controls, and evaluates all BCI activities, whether they be operational, commercial, financial or administrative, in accordance with Tessier Ltd’s and Desgagnés’s strategies and policies. He keeps close ties with Tessier Ltd and Desgagnés so as to maintain good collaboration and concertation and to consequently achieve their and BCI’s business objectives, as well as the preparation of common priorities and the quick and efficient solution to operational issues. In addition to being responsible for all daily operations, he maintains regular and rigorous management of customer relations.

Required Skills

*Note that the candidate must be a Labrador City resident

  • A university or college degree in either mechanical, civil, or construction engineering, or the equivalent;
  • A solid experience in a field related to the heavy machinery business or civil construction, and in management or team supervision.
  • Excellent communications skills, verbal and written, in French and in English (Fully bilingual).
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships skills, as much in regard to supervision and teamwork as with the clientele;
  • Excellent knowledge of the MS Office suite;
  • Capacity to work under pressure in sometimes difficult situations (constricted time schedules, variable weather conditions, human or material resources issues);
  • Availability.

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